Unique patented construction developed for military application allows sand & dirt to fall through the mesh without coming back up, creating a sand, dirt & dust free environment.

CGear Sand-Free does not have to replace your beach towel, yoga mat or picnic blanket in all occasions. You can lay your towel in the middle of the CGear Sand-Free Rug creating a Sand-Free zone around you. You can now imagine any particles kicked into your area will hit CGear Sand-Free first before getting onto you.

NOW you and whomever you wish to enjoy the outdoors with including your family, friends, your food and personal effects are completely protected from these once annoying particles that penetrated your outdoor environment.

What does CGear bring to your outdoor experience?

CGear sand-free multimat minimizes sand, dirt and dust carried into your outdoor environment. While using products currently on the market, including a blanket or plastic ground sheet, the outdoors-person is vulnerable to dirt, sand and dust being kicked into their outdoor habitat. This creates mess and this mess is generally carried into your tent or RV creating more mess and discomfort.

Now imagine setting up your tent or campervan site then laying the CGear sand-free multimat out front where you plan to eat and socialize.

The CGear sand-free multimat can adjoin your sleeping quarters thereby creating a large comfortable living area. Due to the mats dual layer weave technology, most foreign particles which help to create a dirty, dusty and uncomfortable environment disappear through its top surface to the bottom affectivity creating a clean and comfortable outdoor area.

CGear sand-free multimat has been very successful in creating an aesthetically-pleasing sand, dirt and dust free environment for its outdoor enthusiast in US and Australia since 2010 receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback to include quotes below:

“In the summer months the park site turns to dust and by having (CGear) mats down reduces dust and dirt taken in to vans, and provides some green around our park. "
“Tried a lot of different ground sheets and finally we have found the right one, great product!!!”.
“The product is actually as good as the demonstration video shows - there is no trick photography!!!"